Switching Off and Balance

Another Switch Off Sunday is upon us, where I urge you to disconnect from your robot life and let the world around you thrive. Today I want to talk to you about Balance. As mentioned briefly in The Beginning,Mindfulness and Balance are the keys to Switching Off. Mindfulness allows you to open your mind to becoming balanced, and allowing balance to rule your life. Balance has many facets, just like Mindfulness, however you must already have a firm grasp of yourself and your priorities to uncover areas that need to be adjusted.

What are your priorities? Is it getting your work done? Is it spending time with your family? Is it being present and focused? Perhaps you desire all three! No matter what your priorities are from day to day, a person must be content with themselves before successfully accomplishing those priorities. It should be your goal to balance your mind, body and spirit as well as balancing the various aspects of your life that cater to each of those needs. Maybe yoga may help you balance your chakras and that is how you find yourself. Maybe you need time for yourself for coloring, writing or reading. No matter what soothes you and helps you find your center, be sure to make it a goal. Goals will help you fulfill your priorities.

In balance for Switching Off one must be diligent. It may be easy to shut of the phone, the computer and your mind and just be, but it is important that we do so responsibly. Some of us will never be comfortable shutting off our robot lives because we feel that our work is never done. Do your best to complete your work before shutting off! Your work shouldn’t take over your life, neither should your tech. Put yourself in control, find your balance and you will become the beautiful cyborg I know you can be!

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