(Re)finding your Groove as a Cyborg

Hello again everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful hiatus over the holidays, particularly with your tech. There’s no better time to shut off your devices than when you’re with friends and family! The holidays are also a good time to get new tech, and I’m sure many of you – like me – got some great new tech in your lives. I’m here to try to help you get back into your grove of Switching Off, Unplugging or finding your personal mix of being connected and living your life.

New tech is always exciting. My first point of advice is learn everything you can about it when you first get it. Read the manual, do all the setup. Don’t let it sit in its box, and don’t just jump right in. I want you to know everything there is about your new tech so you can avoid the frustration of it not working later in your life. There’s nothing more time consuming than malfunctioning tech, and I would wager (although I’m not a wagering Cyborg, generally) that most malfunctions are user errors. We can avoid these potentially time-consuming and emotionally hazardous black holes of tech if we know all there is to know about it!

Once you know your tech and have become familiar with it, don’t be afraid to use it. It has a purpose, and it was a gift for something you’ve worked hard to give yourself so don’t waste it! Get the most out of your new tech, but always remember to do so with moderation. Tech exists to alleviate our lives, and in some ways bring little lights into it by making things easier for us, or encouraging us to do and be better. Let the tech help, but do not rely on it for everything.

The example that I can offer up is of my use with my new Fitbit. It was a gift to help watch my heart-rate and my daily steps, as well as to manage my calorie intake. This device has many purposes that I learned of the first day I got it, although I do not use all of its capabilities. Some people would argue that I am not using my device, my tech, to its potential. That may be true, but if I rely so heavily on something, I believe that I will not be doing myself any favors by not reaching my full potential. The Fitbit is a step in the right direction of my health, not a crutch that I intend to use every day.

The most wonderful thing about our tech is that most of our devices are entirely customizable. Keep yourself in mind when you are adjusting to your life with your new tech. Keep your Balance, maintain your Mindfulness and above all Put YOU First! If a few months down the road you feel as if your tech is once again taking over your life, don’t be afraid to Rethink it!