Unplugged – Break your Programming

One of the easiest and most natural things to do in the life of a bot is to follow a routine, a schedule. I’m telling you that this is part of the reason that you are a bot. I’m not asking you to change up your whole day but to intentionally be spontaneous every now and again. Add a little extra to your day.

In going through your day on a schedule you are more likely to get things done, to not forget important meetings and you’re even more likely to make special time for other things. However, this schedule may be confining you. Consider if your schedule runs you. If any of you are like me, you always check your schedule before you RSVP to events, and even before you make personal plans. This is a great way to work, but it isn’t a necessarily a great way to live.

Consider going to lunch with a friend you never see, think about spending some extra time at the gym or a few extra minutes mingling at church. You can try buying a different type coffee for breakfast, or buy a different color of socks. Make tiny adjustments that don’t necessarily break your schedule, but make those tiny spontaneous intentional decisions that still make you in control of your life. These tiny changes can add room in your life for big chances; like meeting new people, figuring out you really enjoy caramel cream in your coffee or wish you could spend more time with that one friend.

The worst thing you can do is bend to that schedule at every turn. Don’t deny a friend an opportunity to spend time with you even if you’re unsure of your plans.┬áIf there is something that you really want to do, then do it. It’s okay to reschedule and to make new plans; people understand, especially if you overbook! You are the only thing stopping you. Break your programming!