Switching Off through Mindfulness

Mindfulness; we hear that word more and more as the powers of yoga and meditation rise in popularity, but do we know what it means in regards to living with tech? It means that mindfullness is one of the keys to unlocking your potential. Mindfulness will give you the tools you need to Shut Off and start living your life!

The hardest part for some Robots and Cyborgs is that the idea of being mindful is time-consuming. People assume that taking an extra second before their actions to be introspective will take away from their day or their lives in some way. I’m telling you that it is entirely untrue! The world is very fast paced, and many of us love to get caught up in it. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying our fast paced lifestyles, but if you’re looking to find inner peace and balance in your life, being more mindful is the first step.

Once you set yourself on the path to being more mindful, you’ll find that the time it takes to do so is not an inconvenience. In-fact, I would argue that the more mindful you are, the more time you’ll have for the important things in your life. You’ll spend less time regretting, you’ll spend less time worrying. Being mindful lets you live freely and safely in the moment! Switching Off through mindfulness will help you do so many things.

Humans are creatures of habit and Switching Off requires us to Break Our Programming in a more overt way than Unplugging. You must be mindful of your technology use (Check out 5 tips to Have mindful Connections in the Tech Age). Be mindful of how much time you use when doing an activity. Pay attention to yourself and your actions and then make the effort to stick to a routine that allows for the chaos of life to filter through (Read 13 Things Mindful People Do). Chaos is not a bad thing – in fact it is neither good nor bad. Mindful people will be prepared for whatever situation life brings before you, especially when you’ve taken the time to Shut Off your digital oriented mind (Learn How to Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Life).

Mindfully set your digital devices aside. Mindfully pay attention to the people around you. Mindfully observe the world and you’ll find that Shutting Off opens up so many possibilities. You’ll have more time to think and process the world. You’ll have the freedom to become the best version of you possible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were always present? Wouldn’t your loved ones appreciate someone who was attentive, aware and able? I’m telling you that being Mindful about Shutting Off will be one of the greatest things to setting aside the Robot inside of you.


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