Cyborgs are social

We call it Social Media, and our tech helps us to be connected wherever and whenever we like but are we really being social? We need real, face-to-face contact as well as digital and long-distance communication to maintain a healthy Cyborg life. Don’t fool yourself into believing you’re getting all of the interaction you need from others through phones or Facebook. Robots might not need to see another robot, but don’t only communicate using tech because you’ll be Isolating the human side of yourself!

One of the greatest thing about Cyborgs is that they are social! A functioning Cyborg has the Mindfulness to be able to distinguish when they need Real Social Interaction, and when a quick message over text will do. I doubt I’m the first person to tell you that having a Social Network (That isn’t digital) not only helps you emotionally but also professionally. Becoming a functioning cyborg can help you find the Balance you need to function in your life while maintaining all of the relationships successful cyborgs need.

Find ways of keeping in contact with people that are comfortable for you. Invite people over for your favorite activity and send hand-written letters as the invitations! It also isn’t hard (especially with the internet) to find where activities you might be interested in are located. Attend a social work function.

Don’t refute the ability of digital networking to help you find places in which you can enrich your life with local face-to-face social interaction. Many groups have Cyborgs at the helm running events and reaching out digitally to find other like-minded folks! Become a Cyborg, not a Robot – Be Social!


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