Unplugged – Tech Free Hobbies

An easy way to fill up some of your newly acquired free time (you should be opening up your schedule due to the separation from your tech) is to participate in low tech hobbies. Consider becoming involved in the arts. Painting, sewing, and writing all require minimal to no electronic technology and they also let your creativity soar!

If you are not particularly the creative type you can enjoy theater shows – nearly every town has a small community theater that puts on at least 2 shows a year, you just have to look! You can go to poetry readings or open mic nights and listen to people share their own creative pieces. Consider reading in the park or taking extra long baths.

If those activities are too artsy for you – make more time to better your personal health. Biking, running, and longer walks are all great time fillers that keep you at a safe distance from your tech while improving your body (arguably the second most important object needed to living a long, healthy, happy life – after your attitude/ programming of course!). Maybe now you’ll even manage to have time for a Zumba or Pilates class!

If getting new hobbies doesn’t suit you try leaving your tech at home when you go to the bars, when you go to work, when you go to dinner, or when you go shopping. Do not take your phone or your tablets with you everywhere. Seriously try separating yourself from your tech in your daily routines and you’ll find that your current hobbies can easily become tech free! If you’re afraid to be without it, at least leave it in your car.┬áThere’s nothing worse than seeing a group of friends out to coffee, dinner or at the club and see them all checking their phones.

You don’t have any more excuses. This is your life, your time. It is now yours. Unplug and go live!