What My Life as a Female Robot will do for you…


You belong here. You can be yourself.


You will receive support from others with the power to give such support. We will help open opportunities for you and provide resources to you that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


You will be participating in a group that has a bigger influence than you alone could have.


We give you the freedom to explore things in groups and topics as well as with members and administrators. New Ideas, New Resources, New Experiences all leading to crowd accelerated innovation!!

Guest Author Possibilities:

We are looking for anyone who would love to share their passion, share their info or knowledge most especially in the How To Stop Living Like a Bot and Start Being series where you share how to start being and doing what you do! We would love to have you as a regular guest author to share how you got to where you are today.

What are you waiting for? 


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