Unplugged – The Journey of Networking

This is the second post in a series I’ll be writing about becoming Unplugged. Little tidbits of advice on how to unravel yourself from the life of being a robot. Not everyone wants to be hooked up to the Matrix and I’m giving you the red pill in small doses. Join me on the journey of becoming more than just a robot, help me, help you get your life back.

Never before have we been so connected. Smartphones with their apps fill our lives with ease and entertainment. Not all apps are bad, but take the time to consider how often you check your phone. How many social media networks are you part of? The world is a growing place, yet thanks to the internet it gets smaller every day.

You might think that you are gaining more knowledge, gaining more life by staying connected. I’m telling you that you are not. Don’t take advantage of the reality that in-human, in-person communication is still the most important thing.

Networking is the greatest commodity on the internet to entrepreneurs, aspiring professionals and intelligent communication. I do loads of networking myself; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter take up a great majority of my day as a professional in the internet communication field. I’m not knocking online networking, I’m merely stressing the importance of in-person networking.

Don’t take for granted the power of face-to-face communication and interaction. Getting a cup of coffee with a local contact you met through the internet is possibly the best way to place yourself in their mind. Even professionals drink coffee, like to go to movies, enjoy cocktails and play golf. Get out, go find them, do it.

I myself have met strangers, acquaintances and supervisors for drinks and a quick chat. I can tell you for certain that the impression was a stronger one than any of my blogs, profiles or online recommendations could have given. You won’t even have to leave your card, put your number into his/her phone while your were sitting at the booth.

In short. Take the leap, don’t hesitate to meet new people in person. Never pass up the opportunity to go to the in company baseball game or the Meetup chat at the local coffee shop. You never know when your in human communication is going to get you somewhere or introduce you to someone or something new. These are the opportunities that you don’t want you to pass up. Let that smartphone sit in your pocket; it isn’t going anywhere, but the conversation just might.


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