Unplugged – Re(Think) your Tech

In our journey to becoming Unplugged from our tech lives and start living a biological one we need to find a balance. Many of us live, work and play with and around technology constantly. Our lives are undeniably improved by tech and so are our work lives. However, this is where I want to to reconsider and re-think all of your tech.

The hardest part about breaking free of being a bot is to stop acting like one. Just the act of thinking about whether or not you NEED your tech and recognizing your dependencies and habits will get you that much closer to breaking free. I’m asking you to think about the tech that you surround yourself with and how you use it.

Consider your computer use, your phone use, your microwave use, television, stereo, car and even the smallest tech like watches will help you get yourself into perspective. Think about what you use these items for; do you use them for fun, for work, for necessity? I am asking you to HONESTLY think about these things – being honest is key to establishing yourself as a human and not a bot. Do not let your tech rule you, don’t turn to it out of habit, turn to it for specific and defined reasons.

Once you have your reasons for using your tech you should deeply consider why you have these things. Can you live without it? Do you have a laptop and a smartphone, and use both just for communication or social media – does your smartphone need to have all the apps and glam if you really predominantly use it for texting and phone calls? Do you always have to take your car to the grocery store on a nice day?


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